Chocolate in Perfection

Valrhona receives 2015 European Candy Kettle Award!

If there is one company, that drives chocolate quality to its absolute perfection, it must be Valrhona in Tain L’Hermitage, France.

Founded in 1922 by Albéric Guironnet it was their goal to produce the best possible quality chocolate that could be possibly made from cocoa.

Ceremony at Valrhona

In 1947 the brand name Valrhona was implemented. This brand is still the key of the companies world wide success. You will not find a chef in Europe, Asia or America who doesn´t know the famous Guanaja or the more recent chocolate blonde.

Valrhona opened the Citè du Chocolat for the public in 2013 and implemented the Double Fermantation process for new varieties of their couvertures in 2015.


This is one of the most important implementations the company Valrhona is successful these days and the key point to receive the valuable European Candy Kettle Award.

Today Valrhona employs 650 co-workers, runs 5 different offices and sells their products in 73 countries. It is an absolute honour to give the 2015 European Candy Kettle Award to the Jean-Luc Grisot, CEO of the Valrhona Company, Tain l’Hermitage, France!