Ceremony at Ferrero

Innovation as a tradition – Ferrero at its best

The European Candy Kettle Club has a long tradition. The first award was given to a famous Italian company in 1973. The name of this international world wide known chocolate-specialist Ferrero is an outstanding example for quality.

The Story of Ferrero is the story of a family with a passion for haselnuts. The family owned company is still lead by Michele Ferrero.

His parents Piera and Pietro Ferrero have been the first after world war two who built up a factory for their famous hazelnut spread which we all know today as nutella. Pietro´s brother Giovanni startet very early to implement a successful work sales department to sell Ferrero products over the Italian border to many countries within Europe.

Giovanni died in 1949. With Michele and Pietro Ferrero the family reached their third generation. They worked constantly on the development of the company which today is known all over the world as leader in innovation. When it comes to pleasure kids and adults with sweet delights Ferrero outstanding quality says it all.

We are proud to give the 2014 European Candy Kettle Award to Nunzio Pulvirenti, Product Chief Operating Officer of the Ferrero Company, Alba, Italy!