European Candy Kettle Award 2017 Goes to Colian

First Polish confectioner to win prestigious European Candy Kettle Award

Jan Kolansky founder and owner of the most innovative Polish confectioner Colian was honoured to receive the prestigious European Candy Kettle Award in Warsaw. Over 250 guests, friends and Jan Kolansky´s family celebrated the award. Colian is now in line with great European confectionery manufacturers.

Colian is not only a thriving Polish capital group. It is an organization that helps to realize the most delicious dreams of consumers, an organization with a passion for delivering to market food products of the highest quality.

The Colian Holding SA (earlier Colian SA) group includes the following companies: Colian (earlier Jutrzenka Colian) and Colian Logistic. Their combined market power developed over the years has allowed the group to gain a strong position on the Polish market.

The companies' operations are focused on the production and distribution of food products within the three strategic business divisions of confectionery, culinary products (seasoning products and nuts and dried fruit) and beverages. Colian sp. z o.o. operates within the following three business divisions: confectionery, culinary products (seasoning products, nuts and dried fruit) and beverages.

Its portfolio consists of well-known and popular brands. These include Goplana, Solidarność, Jutrzenka, Grześki, Familijne, Jeżyki, Akuku!, Appetita, Siesta and Hellena. These brands have been constantly strengthening their market position successfully gaining high rankings in their respective product categories.

Colian consistently pursues a strategy of expansion into foreign markets. Colian Logistic sp. z o.o. manages the logistics operations of the whole group. A modern centre in the town of Kostrzyn including a warehouse with a total area of about 12,500 m2 is used to arrange transportation, store food products and also package and distribute products to customers. Colian Logistic is operated according to the highest standards.

This is possible thanks to our innovative technical solutions and constant desire to improve the efficiency and quality of operation in the area of logistics.

The Colian Group has its headquarters in Opatówek near the city of Kalisz, Poland. One of its manufacturing facilities is also located there. The other factories are in Bydgoszcz, Lublin, Kalisz and Wykroty. The Colian Group opened a Commercial Office in Warsaw.

The new location is at ul. Jutrzenki 94, near the Łopuszańska/Al. Jerozolimskie junction. The office will host the marketing team and its support.

Colian Group includes also Elizabeth Shaw – a producer of premium chocolate products based in the UK.

Colian Holding obtained the Food Market Award 2016 in the Event on the Food Market category for the takeover of this company. It was granted for setting the direction of development for Polish companies by acquiring foreign entities on their domestic markets.

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