Ceremony at Pionir

Pionir wins European Candy Kettle Award 2010

Serbia is a small Eastern European country with just six million inhabitants, but the sweets and confectionery industry is one of the fastest growing in Europe. One of the biggest players in the Serbian sweets and confectionery industry is the Pionir group. Its leader and CEO Miroljub Aleksics is a self-made millionaire.

He owns several hotels, a bank and of course the Pionir confectionery factories. For the award ceremony Mr. Aleksics invited the whole Club to join the grand opening of his new luxury hotel in Arandjelovac.

The ceremony was one of the biggest parties the Club ever participated in. More than 300 guests from all over the country and the prime minister of Serbia Mirko Cventkovic were part of the opening ceremony. Miroljub Aleksics cut the red banner at the opening for the hotel and all guests enjoyed the ambiance of the new place. Mr. Aleksics, his wife and three grown-up children were obviously proud of what they had created during the last 10 years, and especially with this hotel.

The development of the sweets and confectionery part of the Pionir group cost Aleksic a lot power.

Today he employs 673 staff members. The Club was also invited to have a look at the brand new facilities in Subotica, one of four plants for sweets and confectionery products within the group.

Pionir is producing nearly every kind of sweets and confectionery from chocolate to seasonal products, cookies, jelly and more. Today, Pionir is the biggest player in the Serbian market with a high impact in export.

The European Candy Kettle Club was proud to award Miroljub Aleksics for his involvement in building a strong company in a fast growing market and country, even under the difficult economic circumstances of the recent years. The Club wishes Mr. Aleksics, his family and team all the best for the future.