Mark Sheffield

Baker Perkins

Mark Sheffield

Peterborough | Great Britain

Educated at Walton Community College, Peterborough, England. 1979 - 1984

Baker Perkins Engineering Apprenticeship 1984 - 1988. I have worked at Baker Perkins and APV Baker for over 20 years, the majority of which time has been focussed on the confectionery sector. Following my initial engineering apprenticeship I have worked in all areas of the business from R&D through to projecting and proposals and Sales & Marketing.

I am currently responsible for the sales of our Confectionery, Cereal and Snack range in the Asia region. Baker Perkins is a world leader in the supply of machines and complete process systems to produce the worlds favourite food products. We offer systems covering the Confectionery, Ready to Eat Breakfast Cereals, Bakery and Biscuit sectors. Within the Deposited Confectionery sector, Baker Perkins has almost a century of experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of complete plants, with over 500 systems operational globally.

They are used to make a wide selection, from hard candy, lollipops, butterscotch, milk boils and caramels to gum, fudge, fondant crème's and jellies. Centre-fillings, multi-colours, stripes, layers, inclusions, sugar-free and sugar options are all available to bring variety and eye-catching appeal to the market place.

Baker Perkins also pioneers end-product development and process technology to meet the expanding and rapidly changing needs of the market across all of our operating sectors.


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