Leo Tanis

Tanis Confectionery B.V.

Leo Tanis

PJ Made | Netherlands

Education: Process and equipment technology

Career started direct from school in 1976 at Ter Braak. The family Tanis was in these years partner in the company. Resign in 1996 and founded Tanis Confectionery B.V. with brother and copartner Rene C. Tanis.

President of The Tanis Group, prior company name 2005, Tanis Confectionery B.V.. We are involved with Processing and forming equipment for Confectionery and bakery industry.


Tanis Confectionery B.V.
P.O. Box 58
4920 AB Made
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 162523540
E-Mail: leo.tanis@thetanisgroup.com