Maarten Goos


Kurt Müntener

Herisau | Switzerland

Mechanical and Process-Engineer, B.Sc. Studies of mechanical engineering at the Technical College of Winterthur (Zurich University for Applied Sciences at Winterthur).

Works in design, research and development of machines and apparatuses for the Chemical- and the Food-Industry (Until 1973).

Sales Manager of Chemical Engineering at Buhler Uzwil , Switzerland (1973-1979). Division Manager of Chocolate Machinery at Buhler London, GB (1980-1985).

General Manager of Richard FRISSE GmbH at Bad Sazuflen, Germany, a company of the Buhler Group, manufacturing conching machines, mixers and steelbelt conveyors for the chocolate industry (1986-2003).

President and General Manager of KEYMOUNT GmbH, Herisau, Switzerland, Consulting, Design and Developments for the Chemical- and the Food-Industry.


Sonnenböhlstrasse 12A
9100 Herisau

Phone: + 41 71 351 79 51