Fabio Mazzetti

Mazzetti Renato Srl

Fabio Mazzetti

Tribiano | Italy

“I was born in 1964 in Milano, Italy in year 1984 I concluded secondary instruction as first of my course with diploma in mechanical engineering with 60/60 vote.

I joined company Mazzetti Renato in same year 1984 and, starting from basics, I had the opportunity to be involved, during the years, in all the aspects of Chocolate's production machinery construction, from project development, realization, up to installation and production start-up.

This lead me to be also in contact with products, recipes and technology and to develop a whole spectrum of knowledge to be used for customer's need satisfaction.

From Year 2000 I moved from technical departments to commercial ones as responsible of projects/customer need analysis and for offer formulation and later then as sales manager.

From year 2010, I assumed the function of CEO of the company and started a renovation and development plan for our production.

Company Mazzetti Renato srl is active in the realization of machines and plants for chocolate and similar products (compound, spread cream etc.), from production of liquid masses to molding, it is located few Km from Milano town and exporting, in almost all continents, more than 95% of its production.”


E-Mail: info@mazzettirenato.it