Eduard Sala

Cafosa Gum

Eduard Sala

Barcelona | Spain

More than 20 years of eperience in Confectionary business.

Since 2001 Sales Director at CAFOSA GUM, S.A.U. Cafosa is the world’s leading gum base supplier. One in two chewing gum manufacturers around the globe chooses our gum bases. We have more than 35 years experience providing our customers with the best raw materials for their chewing gums.

Since 2008 Cafosa is part of MARS Inc number one confectionary company in the world and one of the major food and drinks one. Cafosa offers truly innovative gum bases, developed specifically to help our customers extend their product range and set new trends in the chewing gum market. Our customers see Cafosa as much more than a mere supplier, we are an active, cooperative partner in their business.


Cafosa Gum S.A
Diagonal, 474
08029 Barcelona

Phone: +34 666 472 524